Are Contact Lenses & Flat Optics Bad for Your Eyes?

Have you ever used contact lenses? If yes, you are one of the fortunatepeople who can wear them for an entire day without any discomfort and noworries. But if you are planning to buy contact lenses, you need to knowwhat all types of spherical lenses are. These lenses are available in manyforms and shapes. The most common ones are circular, square, andelliptical.

Types Of Contact Lenses

Here is a brief description of these three main lens types:

Circular Spherical Lenses

These lenses are circular, and they fit on the cornea of your eye like aball. They give you clear vision, and there is no distortion. These correctlenses are myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness).

Square Spherical Lenses

Squares have 2 sides, and it makes them look square and sharp. Squarescorrect nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). It canalso correct astigmatism (distorted vision caused by the cornea'scurvature). Squares also correct presbyopia (natural eye aging process)when used along with multifocal lenses.

Elliptical Spherical Lenses

These lenses are circular but not in the same way as circular lenses.Instead, they have an oval shape. These correct lenses have nearsightedness(myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). Also, they can correct astigmatism(distorted vision caused by the cornea's curvature). They can also correctpresbyopia (natural aging process of the eye) when using multifocal lenses.

There is so manyspherical optics companyforflat optics. The PFG precision opticsis among them.

Important Facts To Know

People commonly use these three primary spherical lenses, and you need toknow all other lens shapes. There are six different lens shapes available:hexagonal, trapezoidal, triangular, pentagonal, octagonal, and 9-shapedlenses. These lenses correct monovision (when one eye is corrected fordistance vision while the other is corrected for near vision). They alsofix aniseikonia (distortion of vision caused by a difference in therefractive power of the eyes). These spherical contact lenses correctnearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia). You need to wearthe right type of lenses according to your prescription.


Suppose you don't wear the correct type of contact lenses. In that case,you may suffer from many complications like dry eyes, eye irritation,infection, corneal abrasion, allergic reactions, and much more. So, youmust buy your contact lenses from a trusted dealer and take their advice.Also, you should not wear your lenses for a more extended period and shouldtake off your lenses at least once a week. It will help your eyes to get arest and cleanse themselves of all the germs and dust.


Дата публикации: 26.01.2022

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